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Equestrian Australia

Introductory Coaching ‘Train to Teach’ Course & Assessments

Train to Teach


Our Equestrian Australia, Introductory Coaching Course is the final stage to become an EA Introductory Coach.

This course delivers the knowledge necessary to all potential coaches to start and execute the assessment process.

The first 6 months are Train to Teach days covering all the necessary information, both theory and practical to present a lesson acceptable for the assessment process.

This is then followed up by 6 months of Assessments. All candidates are to present 10 lessons in total, 3 individual, 6 group and 1 lunge lesson.

Our course runs 10am-4pm, 1 Saturday or Sunday per month for 12 months, with the final 6 months being the assessments. The candidates will be able to complete 2 assessments per day.

The course covers the following

Unit 1: Coaching Safely
  • Suitability of an area

  • Complying with EA and industry standards

  • Common safety threats

  • The coach and safety standards

  • Gear Check

  • Accident reporting procedures

  • Duty of care, negligence and liability

  • Legal responsibilities

  • Unit 2: Coaching Principles
  • Functions of the equestrian coach

  • Coaching v teaching and effective goals

  • Effective communication

  • Conflict management

  • Beginner participant performance

  • Creating lesson plans

  • Assessing horse and participant

  • Planning and conducting lessons

  • Unit 3: Equestrian Specific Coaching Skills and Experiences
  • Ride organisation

  • Lessons on the flat

  • Upright seat, aids and paces

  • Tracks, figures and school movements

  • Lungeing the participant

  • Prices

    Upfront: $1156 for Train to Teach 6 months (including the two EA Coaching manuals at $100).

    Upfront: $1920 for 6 months of Assessments - 1 assessment day p/month (2 assessors and students with horses organised for you)

    Payment Plan Train to Teach: $1329 (paid within first 4 months)

    Payment Plan Assessments: $2208 (paid within first 4 months)

    Casual Participants:

    $210 p/day – Train to Teach

    $420 p/day – Coaching Assessment

    (trainee coaches will need to provide a horse and rider on the day or ride themselves)

    Horse Hire Fee: $55 p/lesson

    Train to Teach dates for 2023 are:

  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon

  • Coaching Assessment dates for 2023 are:

  • Coming soon – Assessment

  • Coming soon – Assessment

  • Coming soon – Assessment

  • Coming soon – Assessment

  • Coming soon – Assessment

  • Coming soon – Assessment