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School Holiday Programs

Avoca Park provides school holiday programs for horse owners and non-horse owners including Fun Day Activities and Camps! We cater to ages from 5+ and need a minimum of 4 to run the camps and fun days.




Tuesday 2nd April

Wednesday 10th April

Thursday 11th April

Time: 10am - 3pm

Cost: $175 p/person

Experience the Magic of Non-Horse Owner Fun Days!

Attention parents to all young horse enthusiasts and beginners!

Introducing our School Holiday Fun Days, for riders without their own horses!  Children get to experience the excitement of being a rider for the day. Having their dreams come true, Our exceptional program ensures that every child gets a chance to explore the fun world of horses in a safe and supportive environment. 

What to expect:

  • Master the art of pony Handling: Learn the secrets of connecting with these gentle creatures as you discover the joy of leading and caring for them. 

  • Create a Bond: Grooming the ponies is a great way for the children to get to know the horses and become comfortable with them. The horses LOVE the attention and care!

  • Riding Fundamentals made fun: Discover the thrill of riding as our expert instructors guide you through the foundations of this timeless skill. The children will be guided on how to develop their balance, posture, and confidence on horseback. 

  • The group of 8 children will ride in 2 groups of 4 riders. 

  • Conquer the Obstacle Course: the children will unleash their inner adventurer, creating an obstacle course to ride their ponies through after lunch. Using all the skills learnt in the morning to navigate the challenges the rider will test their skills and experience the rush of triumph as they ride through their self-made course.

  • Tailored Riding Experiences: No matter your level of expertise, our riding activities are carefully tailored to accommodate riders of all abilities. From beginners to advanced equestrians, we have something special for everyone.

  • We strive to create a safe and educational environment that nurtures your passion for horses and ponies, allowing you to make lifelong memories.

    As you embark on this exhilarating journey, we ensure that your energy levels stay high with homemade cake at  morning tea and a yummy lunch.

    So, what are you waiting for? Come join us in this magical haven where dreams come true, friendships are born, and the extraordinary bond between humans and horses is celebrated. Reserve your spot now and get ready to experience the horse lover's paradise!



    Wednesday Morning

    10am-12.30pm 3rd April

    Thursday Afternoon

    1pm-3.30pm 4th April

    Tuesday Morning

    10am-12.30pm 9th April


    Cost: $100 p/person

    Similar to our fun days, these sessions are 2 and a half hours filled with horsey fun! Learning how to lead, groom, saddle as well as a 45 minute group riding lesson learning all the basics when riding a horse.

    Perfect for beginners, and parents can enjoy a lovely location for a change of scenery. Parents are welcome to drop off or stay the duration. Tea and coffee available.


    When: To be announced

    Time: 9am - 4pm

    Cost: $120* p/person (12 riders Maximum)

    These clinics are great days available for both kids and adults of ALL levels with their own horses.

    We try to group all riders into similar skilled or aged groups, so all participants can get the best out of their lesson, each group is no larger than 4. 

    At this clinic you will have the awesome opportunity to participate in one dressage lesson in the morning and one show jumping or cavalletti lesson in the afternoon with a Qualified Equestrian Australia Coach, in our undercover arena.

    Activities include….

  • Riding in the morning and afternoon

  • Classical dressage lesson in the morning

  • Building an Cavalletti and jumping course for the afternoon lesson

  • Show jumping lesson or Cavalletti lesson (depending on experience)

  • *Includes morning tea, yard hire and toasted sandwiches for lunch. Owner to supply feed/hay for their own horses.

    Need a minimum of 8 riders to proceed.

    Overnight Camps

    Avoca Park offers amazing fun filled camps for both non-horse owners and horse owners during the school holidays! Join our well-trained team and meet some new friends – all while having some great experiences with horses!


    For our riders without their own horse we run the camps for 2-days (1 night) each holiday, some of the activities can be weather dependent but we pack the camp full of fun horsey activities with at least two lots of riding on each day.

    During the 
    Summer Holidays - we also provide a 3-day (2 night) camps for horse owners.

    All kids stay in our 8-bed bunkhouse with one of our dedicated supervisors to ensure a hearty dinner and a decent bedtime! All bedding is provided, and bunkhouse includes TV, bathroom, full kitchen, and lounge area.

  • Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and dessert provided on Day 1

  • Breakfast, Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided on Day 2 (dinner and dessert - Summer Camps Only)

  • Breakfast, Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided on Day 3 (Summer Horse Owner Camps only)


    When: Friday/Saturday

    Time: 9:30am Friday - 3pm Saturday

    Cost: $440 p/person

    Step into a world of horses with our Non-Horse Owner Camps, where an adventure awaits your child! The children will immerse themselves into the joy of horse ownership, all without needing your own horse.

    The children will discover the wonders of caring for and riding a magnificent pony, as if it were their very own! 

    We have a fantastic line-up of activities that will engage their learning while having fun. 

    Our camps are designed to cater to ages 7 to 16, ensuring that every young equestrian enthusiast finds their place in this fun-filled journey.

    We do accept younger than 7 if the child has experience staying away from home or they are coming with an older sibling and the parent is confident the child will enjoy being away from home.

    Activities include….

  • Start each day with catching the ponies in their paddocks.

  • Children will learn the different tools for grooming and use them. Grooming the ponies to get them ready before their lessons for the day.

  • Saddling up- Learning the different parts of the horses tack and what their purpose is.

  • What's horse ownership without some stablework!? Learn how to muck out the stables, have a giggle with your friends while making the stable comfy and cozy for the horse that night! 

  • Learn about the importance of a healthy diet- learn what we feed the horses and why. Help make feeds and haynets in preperation to dinner or breakfast!

  • Learn the art of tacking and untacking, unlocking a world of riding possibilities. 

  • Indulge in a variety of riding activities, from the grace of dressage to the exhilaration of jumping.

  • Feel the wind in your hair as you ride on open tracks, embracing the freedom and thrill of equestrian adventures.

  • And for the bold-hearted, conquer the Mountain Trails and Obstacle Course, test your skills and bravery amidst the untamed beauty of the bush.

  • AND MORE!!

  • At our Non-Horse Owner Camps, we believe in making dreams come true. So come, dear adventurer, and let us whisk you away on a magnificent journey filled with wonder, companionship, and the adorable beauty of ponies. It's time to unleash your imagination and create memories that will forever linger in your heart. Your equestrian odyssey awaits!


    When: 15th-17th January 2024

    (3 Day Camp)

    Time: 9.30am Monday - 3pm Wednesday

    Cost: $660

    Activities include….

    These are a fun, fantastic and educational camp experience available for young riders with their own horses. We are a PCA accredited centre so we meet the required safety guidelines of Pony Club Australia, we are insured and have brilliant qualified coaches to help support us provide an amazing experience.


    We at Avoca Park Equestrian, are hosting one 3 day (2 night) camps for horse owners in January 2024. Riders need to be between 7 and 19 years old. Each camp takes a minimum of 4 riders/maximum of 8.


    These are fantastic opportunities for some horse crazy kids to hang out, make friends and bond over what really matters in life…. their horses!

    Activities include….

  • Show Jumping 

  • Dressage

  • Introductory Level Cross Country 

  • Track & Hill Riding 

  • Dressage Test Riding 

  • Avoca Trails Obstacle Course 

  • Washing & Trimming 

  • Jump Painting 

  • DVD’s & Games Galore 

  • Cooling off or warming up in our Spa!

  • Helmet, boots, and riding gloves if you have them, (we can provide boots and helmets).

  • Drink bottle

  • T-shirt, jumper, and pair of jodhpurs (or similar loose-fitting pants), socks and undies for each day of camp.

  • 1 x set Casual clothes for the evening.

  • Pyjamas

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Towel

  • Swimmers (for the Spa)

  • Phone charger (if bringing your mobile phone)

  • Any medication your child may need during their stay.

  • If your child has specific dietary restrictions such as GF/Vegan/ Dairy free foods etc we may ask you to provide certain alternatives such as bread, cakes etc so your child doesn’t miss out.

  • *There is a surcharge for GF meals. Vegetarian can be catered for but with allergies, (or dairy/nut free etc dietary requirements) we may ask for substitutes.


    “Our 10 year old daughter went there for a 3 day camp, we drove 3.5 hours with the horse float just to go, Excellent set up, will be returning every year.”


    “My daughter loved the horse-riding clinic and has never ridden a horse before. Leanne is fantastic and is very patient with the children”


    “I loved the camp. Thanks Leanne, for a wonderful time and I’ll be sure to be back next year with my little wonder pony Shadow, or Paris”



    “My almost 4-year-old daughter has had a wonderful time today at the kid’s club! Big complement to the instructors, their knowledge is outstanding, and they deliver it in a kid friendly way! Pony, Mr Dumpling is very gentle and obviously used to smaller kids. We sure will be back!!!”


    “AMAZING!!! All the teachers at the Avoca Park Holiday Clinic were incredible- so many beautiful photos and videos & all the horses were just gorgeous. My Husband & I both stayed and the three of us had an awesome day! Thank you”


    “It’s such a great place my kids love the whole experience of learning everything there is about horse and having fun at the same time your holiday program big winner”



    “My 6-year-old daughter went to the school holiday introduction to horse riding and she absolutely loved it. The staff were brilliant and really allowed her to get involved she has not stop talking about the horse she looked after and wants to go back every day – only bad thing is we may now have an expensive hobby to deal with 😂❤️ thank you xxx”


    “Amazing Staff on a beautiful property with great resources! They are great Trainers and even better with the kids. Ava will definitely be back for the Kids Club” 


    “I’d just like to say thank you. Hayley attended last week on Montana and Monday on Bruno. Leanne was amazing with both horses and Hayley. Highly recommend. Thanks again”



    “5 stars – Highly recommend Leanne as an instructor. Very informative and amazing result so happy with Taz and I progress”