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Pony Club Australia Group Sessions

Ignite Your Riding Adventure with Accredited Excellence!

At Avoca Park, we take great pride in being among the select few equestrian centers in Victoria that meet the standards set by Pony Club Australia (PCA). By becoming a PCA member*, you gain access to our PCA-accredited program, filled with opportunities for growth and achievement. Immerse yourself in the internationally recognized PCA syllabus, thoughtfully designed develop skills in riding, training, care and management.

During our 2.5-hour sessions, you children will embark on their journey to live their love of horses, both on and off the saddle. The program teaches our members necessary theory on horse ownership, builds essential horsemanship skills, and includes the thrill of a 45-minute group ride. Our sessions cater to riders aged 5 and above, ensuring a welcoming environment for riders of all levels. Whether you join us on the weekend or during the week, including our tailored sessions for homeschoolers, we have the perfect schedule to accommodate your needs**.

Elevate your equestrian experience by committing to a term with us, ensuring consistent growth and progress. We kindly request all participants to fill out the required booking forms to help us allocate the right horse or pony for your child.

At Avoca Park, we want to help your children enjoy their equestrian dreams and the bond between them and our amazing ponies!

When joining our PCA Sessions, all members will purchase our Enrolment Pack (which is a one time fee) when joining our Pony Club. The enrolment pack includes an Avoca Park Polo top, an Avoca Park hat (depending on stock could be a bucket hat, cap or beanie), and your first Certificate Manual. The fee also includes all worksheets provided over the duration of your child's membership and any ribbons awarded during their time with us.

*You must join Pony Club Australia as a Member.

**PCA Group Sessions must be booked as a term commitment and booking forms are required from all clients.

Live Your Passion with the PCA Syllabus: Certificates of Excellence Await!

Discover the organisation of the PCA Syllabus, an educational array of certificates that symbolize your dedication and accomplishments. Embark on a journey starting from Certificate E, working your way towards the coveted Certificate A.

Curious to learn more about the PCA Certificates? Simply follow the link below to immerse yourself in a world of possibilities:

PCA-Syllabus-updated-December-2020.pdf (ponyclubaustralia.com.au)

Become a valued member of Pony Club Australia and unlock a world of equestrian wonders. Join us on an unforgettable adventure by clicking the link below and selecting Sign Up. Avoca Park will provide you with an enrollment pack which includes your comprehensive Pony Club manual, so you do not need to buy one when you sign up with PCA. 


Introducing the PCA Academy: Enrichment Beyond Avoca Park

At Avoca Park, we wholeheartedly believe in fostering a lifelong passion for equestrian pursuits. As part of our commitment to your growth and engagement, we extend a warm invitation to join the PCA Academy. Even when you're not at Avoca Park, you can continue your learning journey, deepening your knowledge and connection to the equestrian world. Just follow the link below to learn more: