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We believe in fostering a supportive and enthusiastic community where equestrians of all levels can connect, share experiences, and celebrate the incredible bond we have with these magnificent animals. Whether you're a seasoned rider, a dedicated trainer, or someone who simply finds solace and joy in the presence of horses, our group is open to individuals who embody the spirit of invincibility in their equestrian pursuits.


Our vision of Invincible Equestrians - Living their Love of Horses encompasses a community of passionate and resilient individuals deeply connected to the world of equestrianism.

Passionate Connection

Invincible Equestrians are united by an unwavering love, passion and soul connection for horses. They find joy, fulfillment, and purpose in the companionship and partnership with these majestic and lovely animals.

Get Resilience in Pursuit

These individuals demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges. Whether it's overcoming riding obstacles, caring for horses, or navigating the complexities of the equestrian world, they approach each situation with determination.

Supportive Community

Invincible Equestrians thrive in a supportive community where members uplift and encourage one another. They willingly share their experiences, knowledge, and expertise, creating an environment that fosters growth and camaraderie.

Continuous Learning

The vision includes a commitment to continuous learning. Invincible Equestrians are eager to expand their knowledge of horsemanship, riding techniques, and overall equine care. They embrace new ideas and innovations to enhance their skills.

Celebration of Achievements

The community takes pride in celebrating each other's achievements, whether big or small. From mastering a new riding skill to achieving personal milestones, Invincible Equestrians acknowledge and applaud the successes of their fellow members.

Diverse Engagement

The vision recognizes the diversity within the equestrian community. Invincible Equestrians engage in various equestrian disciplines, from competitive riding to therapeutic horsemanship, creating a tapestry of experiences that enrich the overall community.

Advocacy for Horse Welfare

 Invincible Equestrians are not just passionate about their own experiences but are also advocates for the well-being of horses. They promote ethical treatment, responsible horse ownership, and contribute to initiatives that support the welfare of these animals.

Positive Impact

The vision extends beyond personal fulfillment to a broader positive impact on the equestrian world. Invincible Equestrians contribute to the growth and improvement of the community, inspiring others to join in the journey of living their love of horses.

Shared Passion

In essence, the vision of Invincible Equestrians living their love of horses is one of shared passion, resilience, support, and a commitment to creating a thriving and inclusive community within the equestrian realm that shares a deep understanding of the bond with horses.


  • Extended Interviews

  • Members will have access to an extended version of our podcast with a few more intriguing questions.

  • Clickable map of Australia

  • You will have access to a map where you can click a point of each guest and get a link to their email address or website for their services.

  • Show notes of full interviews

  • You will have a downloadable PDF version of the full interview containing show notes

  • Show notes of full interviews

  • You will have a downloadable PDF version of the full interview.

  • Training E-Books

  • There will be an educational E Book added every month on the many different aspects that we are going to be talking about for you to download.

  • Audio Masterclasses

  • We will be adding a variety of Masterclasses educational from some of our specialized guests.

  • Discounted entry into Dressage in Lightness

  • You will get a discounted entry in our educational website Dressage in Lightness Online.

  • No Ads

  • You will not be interrupted by ads whilst listening to our podcast.


Regular Interviews

Listeners will listen to an array of questions with our guests.

Show notes of interviews

You will have a downloadable PDF version of the full interview.

Clickable map of Australia

Clickable map of Australia that show where our guests reside

Educational 1 – Coming Soon

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Educational 1 – Coming Soon

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Educational 1 – Coming Soon

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