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The Introductory Horse Management course delivers knowledge necessary for all horse owners to own a horse safely. It is of great benefit to any parent thinking of purchasing a pony for their children or parents already with horses and ponies who want to understand more.

We have a saying… “You don’t know what you don’t know till you realise you don’t know it!!”

Our course is provided online covering the 5 necessary units with 10 hours of video education. To participate in the assessment a further 20 hours is recommended. This time frame can be different from person to person.

There is a Live Zoom Question and Answer session held on the evening of the first Tuesday of each month, to work through any queries you may have regarding the course and its topics.

There are optional practical sessions available to practice your skills under guidance prior to assessments, held on the first Sunday of March, June and September. Bookings are essential to attend.


For participants wanting to take part in the Equestrian Australia final assessment a manual will need to be purchased from Equestrian Australia.

We will be offering these assessments to take place on the same days as our specified practical sessions. Bookings are essential. Alternatively, you can book an independent Equestrian Australia Coach Educator (perfect for our interstate students).

A horse is required for the assessment. If you do not have your own horse, we do have school horses available for hire -please let us know if we need to provide one for you for the duration of your assessment.


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Buy All 3 Introductory Courses:

Introductory Horse Management

Introductory Horse Riding

Introductory Coaching

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Q & A Webinar Dates & Times 2024:

  • 7pm, 2nd January

  • 7pm, 7th February

  • 7pm, 5th March

  • 7pm, 2nd April

  • 7pm, 7th May

  • 7pm, 4th June

  • 7pm, 2nd July

  • 7pm, 6th August

  • 7pm, 3rd September

  • 7pm, 1st October

  • 7pm, 5th November

  • 7pm, 3rd December

  • Practical/Assessment Dates 2024:

    Held on the first Sunday of March, June & September each year (unless there is a calendar clash)

  • 3rd March 2024

  • 2nd June 2024

  • 8th September 2024 (second Sunday of Sept)

  • Units Covered in the Course

    Unit 1: General Horsemanship and Safety
  • Horse identification

  • Horse handling

  • Horse behaviour

  • How to care for horses in a stable or a paddock

  • How to ensure safety in the stable complex and paddock

  • Unit 2: Tack
  • Saddle types, purposes, and parts of the saddle

  • The bridle, parts of and purposes (of different nosebands/bits etc)

  • Martingale, cruppers & breastplates

  • Care & Cleaning

  • Rugs, Boots and Saddle Cloths

  • Respiratory Infections/Problems

  • Unit 3: Health & Fitness
  • Signs of good health

  • Azoturia & Tying Up

  • Colic

  • Laminitis

  • Worming

  • Strangles & Tetanus

  • Skin Conditions

  • Respiratory Infections/Problems

  • Lameness

  • When to call the Vet

  • Unit 4: Feeding
  • The rules of feeding

  • Feed Types & properties

  • Feed Quality

  • Poisonous weeds

  • Feed Storage

  • Haynets

  • Paddock features & management

  • Unit 5: Hoof Care, Grooming and Travelling
  • Hoof Care

  • Basic Shoeing

  • The value of grooming

  • Grooming equipment

  • Washing a horse

  • Travelling a horse

  • Reviews

    “I already had an Advanced Diploma in Horse Management from years ago and I have been working in Racing for just over a decade in senior roles. I wanted to complete the EA courses in a path towards the EA coaching qualifications, and I found the course refreshing and in depth. I thought it may be a waste of time considering my previous experience, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It taught me many things I hadn’t realised I didn’t know yet. It was aimed at all skill levels from beginners to the experienced, with an inclusive learning environment. I appreciated the teacher’s comprehension of each topic, the slides providing the theory and the lovely horses to learn from when we did our practical exercises. I highly recommend this course to any horse lover that wishes to own a horse one day, or to any who already do.” 



    “I have been so amazed by the amazing lessons Leanne Has given me. I was ready to give up on my horse after years of issues and can’t believe the change after 6 lessons. The horse management course is excellent too. Words can not express my gratitude to be able to do my instructors course or Leanne for her lessons”