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Equestrian Australia

Introductory Riding Course

The Introductory Riding course is a pre-requisite for all potential EA coaches as well as being of huge benefit to ANY person wanting to develop their equine riding knowledge.

This course delivers the knowledge necessary for all potential coaches to be able to ride the movements required for the Coaching component of the Introductory Coaching qualification plus all the theory necessary to teach these movements.

Our theory ZOOM course runs 1 WEDNESDAY each month for 6 months, with the final month being the practical, in-person assessment.

The course covers the following:

Unit 1: Flatwork
  • Tack & Gear

  • The Upright Seat

  • Principles of Forward Movement

  • Paces & Transition

  • Ride Movements & Tracks of Preliminary

  • Arena Rules

  • Warm Up and Cool Down

  • Unit 2: Riding in the Open and Over Trot Poles
  • The Forward Seat

  • Riding Over Poles

  • Riding in the Open

  • Riding on the Road

  • Unit 3: Lungeing the Horse
  • Lunge the Horse

  • Safe Lungeing area

  • Correct Handling of Equipment

  • Demonstrate Lungeing a Horse

  • Prices

    Upfront Fee: $1390 (including EA Introductory Horse-Riding manual)

    Riders would bring their own horse or there is a horse hire fee per session.

    Payment Plan: $1599  

    Total $1390 + 15% - Must be paid in full within first 4 months

    Horse Hire Fee: It is $110 for half day (July-October) and $165 for full day (November and December)**

    **Riders will need to have an assessment lesson prior to course commencing to ensure the horse is appropriate for their skills.

    2023 WEDNESDAY 7:30pm ZOOM dates:

  • 12th July

  • 16th August

  • 13th September

  • 25th October

  • 8th November

  • 3rd December (Riding Assessment)