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Avoca Park’s Stallions

Avoca Cardinal

Avoca Cardinal

Frozen Semen

Date of birth: 1994. 17hh, Bay Roan, Clydesdale Cross

Reg: Clydesdale Cross Sporthorse Association

Cardinal is 3/4 Clydesdale and 1/4 Thoroughbred. This is a fabulous cross to put over any breed of horse combining the temperament, bone and strength the Clydesdale with the lightness of other breeds to create an outstanding performance horse for any discipline.

Cardinal displays correct conformation and movement that had scored 9’s in dressage tests and won him Championships both in Clydesdale Cross and All Breeds rings. With a temperament that any person would adore, Cardinal produces progeny which is extremely trainable and competing successfully in all Associations.

Stud Fee : $550 24hr LFG

Avoca Flaunt it

Avoca Flaunt It

Standing At Stud

Date of Birth: 2005, 16.3hh, Chocolate Bay, Clydesdale Cross

Reg: Clydesdale Cross Sporthorse Association

Flaunt It is 3/8 Clydesdale and 5/8 Thoroughbred. He is sired by Avoca Cardinal and his dam is Avoca Matilda. Matilda is the full sister to Avoca Black Saint who during his dressage career represented Australia in the World Dressage Challenge in 2000 at Prix St George. Avoca Black Saint was also a crowd favourite at Grand Prix with his expressive piaffe/passage tour, canter pirouettes and tempi changes.

Flaunt It displays the same desire to please as his blood lines have previously, his outstanding temperament makes him an absolute joy to train and his alongside the natural balance he has in all three paces, it’s going to make his progeny an asset in any stable.

Stud Fee: $880 24hr LFG

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The importance of the First Steps Training System.

We collect Chilled Semen Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Semen can be shipped to every state.

We recommend Norwest Couriers for chilled semen transport and we can transport Australia wide for collection at the airport, or slightly longer for to the door delivery.

We recommend Gene Movers for frozen semen transport and this can also be transported Australia wide.

Avoca Park Equestrian can take outside mares at our stud farm. Breeding your mare using chilled semen should not present any particular problems if you engage the assistance of an experienced vet with a portable scanning machine (you will need mains power at the point of examination) and who can be on call to monitor the progress of your mare’s cycle. You will need to have safe facilities for the examination of your mare or alternatively your vet may have facilities to safely examine mares at the surgery. It is important that you plan this aspect in advance to ensure that there are no complications when the semen arrives.

It is essential your mare is checked out by your Veterinarian to ensure her suitability for breeding, before you embark on an AI program. If she is due to foal, we recommend that you miss the foaling heat (at about 7-10 days post foaling) and then wait for her next cycle at around 28 days after foaling. Your vet may recommend that you short cycle the mare, using hormones to start her cycle early. This is usually done at around 21 days after foaling and the mare could be expected to ovulate around 4 days after treatment. Your vet will examine her possibly several times to determine the ideal time for the Artificial Insemination to take place.

This is a favoured option for smaller breeders as it takes away the need to observe whether the mare is coming into season. Without an experienced person and stallion on the property, this can be difficult to identify as many mares are shy and do not demonstrate any unusual behavioural traits – particularly when they are in the familiar environment of their home.

The actual date of commencing collection of chilled semen will be decided on the basis of the bookings. November is likely. The earlier we know your intentions and requirements the easier it is for us to meet your needs. We do not count bookings until payment is received.

We send a separate invoice for costs of transportation and collection. A collection fee of $300 per collection is payable on chilled semen and sometimes this can be shared.

With horse breeding there are no fixed rules, so a vet experienced with horse breeding and artificial insemination procedures, particularly using frozen semen is an invaluable asset and will save you money and potentially wasted time, in the long run.

Your mare will have to be checked regularly as she gets closer to ovulation and it may be necessary or convenient that she stay at the clinic for a few days to enable the vet to monitor the development of her follicle. Your Vet will give you the best advice so be sure to discuss this before you make arrangements to get semen sent out. Mares with a difficult breeding history are best avoided when using frozen semen.

Contact Avoca Park Equestrian Pty Ltd if you would like us to take the mare prior to breeding and undertake the breeding process for you.

Fees will apply.

We will require completed contracts with payment before the despatch of semen. We send a separate invoice for costs of transportation and collection.

There is no collection fee for frozen semen. Only transport fees.

Payment can be by –

Cheque, Cash, Credit Card (Mastercard, Bankcard or Visa) Direct Deposit or After Pay

Breeder’s Check List

We require completed contracts with payment before despatch of semen. To enable us to process your order and send semen we will need the following:

**Monies due**

Signed Breeding Contract