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Lightness Clinic with Leanne Williams

27th at 8AM to 28th at 6PM August 2022

Lightness clinics are about working with your horse from the ground and under saddle and teaching your horse to travel in a posture that is conducive with dressage and comfortable riding whilst also developing a horse for long term soundness.

We will work with groundwork, in hand work, flexions and of course riding!!! Teaching the horse to travel in self carriage is our main goal and understanding their asymmetry and balance is the answer. We will talk about the equine bio-mechanics and the importance of understanding how the muscles and skeleton needs to work to achieve BALANCE and SYMMETRY in your horse.

These clinics are designed as an intensive 2 days to educate people how to change and develop the horses posture so that it becomes easier for them to travel in self carriage and in turn will help riders sit in a more balanced position.... and it all starts on the ground!!!

The cost for the weekend is $275 which includes 2 semi private lessons on day 1 and a private lesson on day 2 to consolidate all the learnings of day 1. You will be able to mix with a variety of like minded people and be able to watch the amazing changes over the 2 days.

Overnight yards and Accommodation Available. Limit of 8 Riders per clinic.

Spectators are more than welcome to attend this clinic! If you would like to spectate this clinic please contact us on 0422 561 126 or email [email protected]

What people say

Avoca Park is an amazing place with highly educated instructors. School horses are happy as larry and extremely loved! Enjoyed watching the Lightness Clinic this weekend and seeing the participants having a great time while developing their skills. 😄


First time attending a lightness clinic. Highly recommend, huge difference in working relationship with horse.


The August lightness clinic was amazing as always. Dani really progressed and to see how the in hand work is helping is really encouraging. I learned such a lot and enjoyed the weekend with such an encouraging group of people. Thanks Leanne!


I look forward to the next Lightness clinic as soon as I've finished one. The improvement in the communication and connection with my horse is remarkable and because there is no 'kick and pull' I have a happy and willing pony!


Regularly attend lessons and clinics run at Avoca Park. Love being in this non-competitive environment that is supportive and encouraging. My knowledge has expanded enormously under Leanne's tuition and my horse is soft, happý and a delight to ride. Being able to watch world class instructors from overseas, all with the same mindset about schooling dressage with lightness is inspirational.


Lightness clinic with Leanne Williams last weekend. WOW! Mr Stormy went from non engagement (travelling on the front end), to piaffe in hand, (and a lttle play under saddle, I didn't do anything, was all Leanne. He nailed some shoulder in, travers and half pass. The clinic clearly showed (over and over) that it is not a quick fix, you will have to work at it.


Fantastic, the Lightness Clinic is amazing.


What a perfect weekend! Veronica and I braved the big wide world and went to a lightness clinic which I had myself in tears for feeling I just won’t be capable enough to continue with Veronica especially when It was confirmed how sensitive she is, Leanne was absolutely brilliant showing me that Veronica will display the slightest change and I just need to be watching for these signs .It’s amazing how different horses really are and how important adapting training and riding for them really is.Saturday I got the in hand part done and felt so much better in my bonding with Veronica but also my understanding of how a horses body really works and what should happen along with handling.Sunday’s lesson was just freaking amazing!! We retouched on the ground work and I rode!!!!!!! Yes I rode her out of our familiarVeronica was perfect (really should never had doubted her!) and will certainly teach me to be a light rider with how switch on she is.It’s crazy to have gone from a confidence builder (which was what I was looking to buy again) to this amazing mare that does all the fancy thing with lightness and ease (Dallas riding her not me ) and I’m riding her! We both have a journey ahead of us but I’m in no hurry to get there, I’m loving the start of our partnership.For now I just want her to gain trust in me and be happy I’m her human, while I’m getting to know her and building my trust in her.I 100% recommended doing Avoca Park lightness clinics! Or even a lesson with Leanne, she is worth her weight in gold! Leanne was spot on with Veronica and helped relax both Veronica and myself, nothing is forced nothing is rushed and the entire of Avoca Park is calm and relaxed