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Online Equine Nutrition Workshop with Carol Layton

October 30th 2021

Two Sessions in One Day

Session 1: 8.30 am check in for 9am start (AEST). (9am-12pm)

Covering general feeding information.

Lunch (12pm-1pm)

Session 2: 1pm Start (1pm-3.30pm)

Covered in the two sessions:

The Art and Science of Feeding

  • The Smart Way to Feed Horses

  • Feeding Laminitic Prone Horses/PPID/Common Feeding Myths

  • We are fortunate that Carol Layton, Equine Nutritionist has agreed to create an online seminar for a full day workshop at only $110 per participant.

    Carol is an independent equine nutritionist and lectures in equine nutrition for the nationally recognised Australian Certified Hoofcare Course and presents in conferences in Australia and overseas.

    She will spend the day explaining how horses digest feed and what is optimal for their health and immune system, and what is not.

    The aim is to make feeding as simple and cost effective as can be, optimise mineral ratios and prevent nutrient deficiences.

    The topics covered will be -

  • Equine digestion

  • The Australian feed industry : An independent evaluation

  • Why fibre matters

  • Nutrients – protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins & electrolytes

  • Who are the NRC

  • Limitations of soil, blood and hair testing

  • Insulin resistance IR / EMS and hindgut carbohydrate overload

  • PPID / Cushings horses

  • Understanding labels

  • Common feed fads and myths

  • When the workshop is hosted at Avoca Park, Morning Tea is provided, and lunch is available for $22 per person. (Please note this is not inplace during our 2021 workshop)

    Morning tea/ Lunch provided by Avoca Park

    Event located at Avoca Park Equestrian

    The hoof of a thoroughbred, whos only change in diet was being put onto Carol Layton’s (Balanced Equine) Best Guess mix (copper, zinc, iodine).