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Avoca Park Equestrian Equine Holidays

Macclesfield, Victoria, Australia

Whether you are family, a group of friends or a single traveller, we have the perfect equine holiday for you. Our amazing dressage based equine holidays were created in mind to show off to our international travellers, so they can indulge in the wonderful country Australian experience given by the staff of Avoca Park and our local treasures. 

Get the best of both worlds, be amazed by the amazing local spots including wineries, restaurants and the acclaimed native australian zoo, Healesville Sanctuary. All while you experience dressage lessons on our range of skilled horses and ponies under the guidance and experience of Leanne Williams, an acclaimed dressage rider and coach.

Leanne Williams is the only dressage rider and coach in Australia to have gained her Equestrian Australia National Coaching Levels 1, 2 & 3 in Dressage. She is also a level 2 Jumping Equitation Judge. She is an EA coach educator and is a level 1 licensed teacher in Philippe Karl’s School of Légèreté. Leanne also has competition experience up to and including Grand Prix, all with horsemanship depth.

Philippe Karl and his ‘Ecole de Légèreté’ stands for a philosophy of learning. It is a school that promotes lightness which horse and rider can use in attaining the highest dressage abilities, but which also works in learning the fundamentals. Philippe Karl founded this school of riding on the knowledge of the old masters. The rider should apply the lightest of aids. The horse should respond to leg and hand aids with lightness.

The method shows how the horse is organized into very small steps which can be built on one another, or likewise unbundled when something isn’t working. This leads to greater motivation, beauty and expression in the horse. All school horses have been trained in the way of the School of Légèreté and are suitable for all levels of riders.

Leanne thrives in her approach to Lightness and hosts Lightness clinics around Australia regularly throughout the year when we are permitted to travel freely.

Covid-19 has certainly thrown a curveball into our target holiday makers and we are hoping with the restrictions in place we can attract the true Aussie’s that would love to work on themselves, push their goals for greatness with dressage while relaxing and enjoying an indulgent holiday away from the stresses of 2020!

Riding Sessions

Once Leanne has made an assessment of your skills, she will design a program that will rapidly aid you in the development of the proper grounding necessary to educate your horse through the training process. Avoca Park will find out what you would like to achieve during the days you are with us and we will customize an individual program for your riding objectives.

There will be a combination of semi-private/group and private riding lessons each day with all the amazing instructors and their combined talents.

The topics that can/will be covered are:

Cavesson work

In-hand work

Ridden work


Horsemanship groundwork

Trail rides

Group classes are conducted when it is beneficial for the riders or if riders come in pairs or groups. Group lessons are tailored to the goals of each rider just as with an individual lesson. Even though a rider is part of a group, each rider is still treated as an individual and will experience individual instruction during the program.

Our Instructors:

Leanne Williams

Leanne’s desire to put the beauty of Classical Dressage into the competition arena is of utmost importance to her and her understanding of the Equine Bio-Mechanics is a huge asset to this. She can help all riders educate their horse in a clear and respectful manner. She is one of the three Level 1 School of Légèreté Licensed teachers within Australia. She is also an Equestrian Australia Level 3 Dressage Coach and Level 1 General Coach. She has completed a variety of her homebred horses from Novice through to the Grand Prix and loves to share her knowledge and experiences.For more information on Leanne, please click on her picture to the left.

Jason McInnes

For the first 20 years of Jason’s studies, he worked with some of the great horsemen around, Buck Brannaman, Pat Parelli, and John Lyons. He has now developed a system of working with horses that keeps the horses’ values at the forefront of his training. His Liberty work develops the connection followed by the groundwork for balance and energy, then onto the ridden. This is what lead him to the School of Légèreté where he is now developing the skills for the finishing touches to the overall beaty of the ridden horse.

Frank Thomson

Frank commenced his horse career at Pony Club progressing to Dressage, Eventing and Show Horse. He has had many years of success competing at a high level, and now wishes to put back into his much loved hobby by encouraging others to refine their skills and enjoy the education for both horse and rider. Frank has a calm and gentle manner that leaves our riders inspired and delighted with their lessons.

Our Holiday Packages

2 Night (2 Day) Stay

Our ‘Weekend Getaway’ which is a 2 night escape into the Yarra Ranges to enjoy our lovely location and the wonderful services we provide. Despite its name, this option is available any time of the week.

5 Day (4 Night) Stay

Our 5-day dressage holiday, Our 5 day dressage holiday involves, 3 days of dressage lessons and indulging in our fine meals and local treats. Monday and Friday are days to relax, unwind and take in the wonderful surroundings.

7 Day (6 Night) Stay

Race Horses

Our 7-day equine holidays, Arrive Sunday afternoon and experience 5 days of dressage lessons, luxury meals and local experiences, on your last day you can enjoy a lazy start, enjoying your Saturday morning sleep in before saying our goodbyes.

Proudly Supporting Local Businesses

Massage in the Valley & Ranges

Wild Cattle Creek Winery

Race Horses

Elevation Restaurant in Emerald

Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

Domaine Chandon, Yarra Valley

Race Horses

Healesville Sanctuary