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Avoca Park Equestrian


Based around the Equestrian Australia Level 1 Coaching Course.

The information you will receive in these modules will give you the information to complete your Equestrian Australia Level 1 (Horse Management, Riding & Coaching) theory component of the assessments. 

These courses are a comprehensive foundation in equine care, riding skills, and coaching techniques. This program is designed for individuals eager to deepen their understanding of horse management, including stable practices, nutrition, and basic veterinary care. Participants also receive theory information in riding, focusing on fundamental skills for basic riding. The course introduces coaching principles, equipping participants with the knowledge to guide and instruct riders effectively. This introductory program serves as a valuable stepping stone for those looking to pursue advanced levels of equestrian education and coaching within the dynamic world of equestrian sports.


Foundation Knowledge: The Level 1 course typically covers essential topics related to horse care, anatomy, nutrition, health, and basic stable management. Participants gain a solid understanding of fundamental principles, which is crucial for anyone involved in the equestrian industry.

Improved Horse Welfare: Participants learn how to provide proper care and attention to horses, promoting their well-being and overall health. This includes knowledge about feeding, grooming, and recognizing signs of illness or distress.

Safety Skills: The course often includes components on handling horses safely, both on the ground and under saddle. This can enhance the safety of both the handler and the horse, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Stable Management: Understanding how to manage a stable efficiently is essential for anyone working in the equestrian industry. This includes skills such as mucking out, bedding, and general stable hygiene, which contribute to the overall health of the horses.

Career Advancement: Completing our Level 1 Horse Management Course can be a stepping stone for those who wish to pursue a career in the equestrian industry. It can enhance one's resume and demonstrate a commitment to professional development.

Preparation for Further Training: For individuals who plan to pursue higher-level equestrian qualifications or certifications, this Level 1 course will serve as a prerequisite along with the Level 1 Riding course to the Level 1 Coaching.

Increased Confidence: As participants gain knowledge and hands-on experience, they often become more confident in handling and caring for horses. This confidence is valuable in various equestrian settings, from recreational riding to competitive events.

Networking Opportunities: Enrolling in our Level 1 Horse Management Course provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for horses. Networking within the equestrian community can lead to valuable relationships and future opportunities.

Understanding Regulations and Standards: The course may cover relevant regulations and standards related to horse care and management, ensuring that participants are aware of industry best practices and legal requirements.

Personal Enjoyment and Fulfillment: For horse enthusiasts, the course offers a chance to deepen their understanding of these animals and the joy of working with them. It can be a rewarding experience on a personal level.


General Riding Skills: Our Level 1 course covers fundamental dressage/show jumping and cross country riding theory. The participants will be expected to develop a solid foundation in riding techniques for these disciplines for the assessment.

Safety Awareness: This course often emphasizes safety aspects, teaching riders how to handle horses safely and use appropriate riding gear for the 3 disciplines of dressage, show jumping and cross country.

Confidence Building: Our Riding course can be a confidence-building experience. As participants gain competence in handling and riding horses, their self-assurance and comfort around these animals typically increase.

Confidence Building: For beginners, riding a horse can be both thrilling and intimidating. Our Introductory course aims to build confidence by providing a structured and supportive learning environment.

Preparation for Further Levels: Completing a Level 1 Riding course with the Horse Management course serves as a prerequisite for Level 1 Coaching. It can also be a stand alone course for those just wanting to improve their own skills. It can also pave the way for riders who wish to pursue higher certifications or specialize in specific riding disciplines.

Community and Networking: Participating in our Riding course provides individuals with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share an interest in horses and riding. This sense of community can be valuable for ongoing support and learning.

Introduction to Equestrian Sports: This Level 1 Riding course will introduce participants to various equestrian disciplines, helping them discover areas of interest such as dressage, show jumping or eventing.


Fundamental Coaching Skills: The Level 1 Coaching course covers fundamental coaching skills essential for working with riders and horses. This includes communication techniques, teaching methods, and coaching principles up to Novice Dressage and 80cm showjumping and cross country.

Safety Awareness: Coaches at this level learn about safety protocols and guidelines to ensure the well-being of both riders and horses during training sessions and competitions.

Riding Instruction: The course may include instruction on teaching basic riding techniques, horse handling, and groundwork. This is crucial for coaches to effectively guide beginners and intermediate riders.

Understanding of Equestrian Disciplines: Coaches will gain insights into various equestrian disciplines such as dressage, show jumping, and eventing. This broadens their knowledge base, enabling them to work with riders participating in different areas of equestrian sports.

Professional Development: This course will serve as a stepping stone for individuals interested in advancing their coaching careers. It is a prerequisite for higher-level coaching certifications or specialized courses.

Community Engagement: Coaches will have the opportunity to engage with the equestrian community, fostering connections with fellow coaches, riders, and equestrian enthusiasts.

Contribution to Equestrian Development: Qualified Level 1 coaches contribute to the development of equestrian sports by introducing new participants to the sport and helping them progress in their skills and knowledge.

Enhanced Teaching Skills: Coaches will develop skills specific to teaching equestrian sports, including lesson planning, feedback delivery, and motivation techniques.