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Avoca Park Equestrian



Topics Covered:

Unit 1 - General Horsemanship & Safety

Unit 2 - Tack

Unit 3 - Health & Fitness

Unit 4 - Feeding

Unit 5 - Hoof Care, Grooming & Travelling

Estimated Study Time: 10 hours video education. To participate in the assessment a further 20 hours is recommended. This time frame can be different from person to person.

“Q & A webinars will be available on the first Tuesday of each month.”

Optional practical sessions will be available on the first Sunday in March, June & September. Bookings essential.

Assessments: For participants wanting to take part in the Equestrian Australia final assessment a manual will need to be purchased from Equestrian Australia. Please follow the link HERE.

For those wanting to take part in the Equestrian Australia assessment we will be offering these assessments on our specified practical sessions. Bookings essential.

Alternatively, you can book an independent Equestrian Australia Coach Educator. Please follow the link HERE.

Age Stipulation: There is no age stipulation to take part in this study course. Participants need to be 12 years of age to take part in the EA Horse Management Assessment.


Foundational Knowledge: Our Introductory course covers essential topics related to horse care, health, and management. Participants gain a solid foundation in understanding the basic needs of horses.

Safety Awareness: Our course emphasises safety protocols when working with horses. This includes proper handling techniques, recognising and responding to common horse behaviours, and understanding the potential risks.

Health and Nutrition: Participants learn about the nutritional needs of horses and how to maintain their overall health. This includes information on feeding, grooming, and routine healthcare practices.

Facility Management: Courses may cover aspects of managing horse facilities, including stable design, pasture management, and the importance of a clean and safe environment for horses.

Understanding Behaviour: Participants gain insights into horse behavior, communication, and social dynamics. This knowledge is valuable for anyone working with horses, whether for leisure or in a professional setting.

Equipment and Tack Knowledge: Our Introductory course covers the basics of horse equipment and tack. This includes understanding the different types of saddles, bridles, and other gear, as well as how to properly fit and care for them.

Preparation for Advanced Study: The competent completion of our Introductory Horse Management & Riding courses will enable you to move onto the Coaching Component.

Networking Opportunities: Participants may have the chance to connect with other horse enthusiasts and professionals, providing networking opportunities within the equestrian community.

Increased Confidence: By acquiring knowledge and skills related to horse care and management, participants can develop confidence in their ability to interact with and care for horses effectively.

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The course facilitated a sense of community among participants. Discussion forums and collaborative activities allowed us to share experiences and learn from each other, creating a supportive network of horse enthusiasts.


The Equestrian Australia Horse Management course provides a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of equine care. From nutrition to health management, the course offers valuable insights for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of horse care. Thank you


I enjoyed learning modules that made the Horse Management course engaging, practical and easy to understand.



Leanne was highly knowledgeable and experienced. Their passion for equine welfare was evident, and they shared practical tips and real-life scenarios enriched the learning process.


What sets this course apart is its unwavering focus on horse welfare. The modules on understanding equine behavior and creating a positive environment for horses demonstrated a commitment to ethical horsemanship.


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced equestrian, this course caters to all skill levels. It provides a solid foundation for novices while offering advanced insights for those looking to refine their horse management skills.