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Avoca Park Equestrian

Introductory COACHING


Topics Covered:

Unit 1 - Coaching Safely

Unit 2 - Coaching Principles

Unit 3 - Equestrian Specific Coaching Skills and Experiences

Estimated Study Time: 10 hours video education. To participate in the assessment a further 20 hours is recommended. This time frame can be different from person to person.

“Q & A webinars will be available on the first Tuesday of each month.”

Optional practical sessions will be available on the first Sunday in March, June & September. Bookings essential.

Assessments: For participants wanting to take part in the Equestrian Australia coaching assessments a manual will need to be purchased from Equestrian Australia. Please follow the link HERE.

For those wanting to take part in the Equestrian Australia coaching assessments we will be offering these assessments on our specified practical sessions. Bookings essential.

Alternatively, you can book an independent Equestrian Australia Coach Educator. Please follow the link HERE.

Age Stipulation: There is no age stipulation to take part in this study course. Participants need to be 18 years of age to take part in the EA Coaching Assessments.


Foundation Knowledge: Our EA Introductory coaching course will provide participants with foundational knowledge of coaching principles, teaching methods, and safety guidelines specific to equestrian sports. This knowledge serves as a solid base for those looking to pursue a coaching career or enhance their skills.

Safety Awareness: Equestrian sports involve working with live animals, and safety is paramount. This Introductory coaching course will emphasize safety protocols, teaching coaches how to create a safe environment for both riders and horses.

Communication Skills: Coaches need effective communication skills to convey instructions, provide feedback, and motivate their riders. Our Introductory coaching course will focus on developing communication skills tailored to the equestrian context.

Understanding of Horse Behaviour: Coaches need to understand horse behavior to ensure the well-being of the animals and create positive training experiences. The course may cover basic equine behaviour, allowing coaches to better connect with and understand their four-legged athletes.

Teaching Techniques: The course will cover various teaching techniques, including both theoretical and practical aspects. Coaches will learn how to structure lessons, plan exercises, and adapt their coaching style to different riders and skill levels.

Rules and Regulations: A solid understanding of the rules and regulations governing equestrian sports is essential for coaches. Introductory courses will cover the guidelines of different disciplines, helping coaches prepare their riders for competitions.

Professional Development: Completing this Introductory coaching course is the first step in a coach's professional development journey. It can open doors to more advanced coaching certifications and opportunities for specialization in specific areas of equestrian sports.

Networking Opportunities: Participants in this course may have the chance to connect with other coaches, instructors, and professionals in the equestrian community. Networking can be valuable for sharing experiences, gaining insights, and building a supportive professional network.

Increased Confidence: As coaches gain knowledge and practical skills, they will experience increased confidence in their ability to guide and instruct riders effectively. Confidence is crucial for building a positive coaching relationship with athletes.

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The Equestrian Australia Introductory Coaching course provided me with a solid foundation for coaching in the equestrian world. The curriculum was well-structured, covering key coaching principles and techniques.


Leanne demonstrated effective teaching methods, emphasizing clear communication and positive reinforcement. Learning how to convey information to riders of different skill levels was a valuable aspect of the program.


I appreciated the emphasis on practical application throughout the course. From conducting mock coaching sessions to receiving constructive feedback, the hands-on approach on the extra days enhanced my coaching skills and confidence.



The course went beyond coaching techniques to explore rider development. Understanding the psychological and physical aspects of riders allowed me to tailor my coaching to individual needs, fostering a more effective learning environment.


One standout feature of the course was its emphasis on inclusivity. Learning how to adapt coaching methods for riders with different abilities and backgrounds broadened my perspective and made me a more versatile coach.


The course instilled a strong sense of professional ethics and conduct. Understanding the responsibilities of a coach, both on and out of the arena, was a crucial aspect that I believe sets Equestrian Australia's coaching program apart.



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