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Horse and Coaching Courses

Australia does not provide any compulsory or safe guideline for an instructor to be allowed to teach, and you’ll find a lot may not even be covered with insurance. However, Australia does have a performance governing body; Equestrian Australia (EA). Avoca Park only employs coaches that are qualified with EA or enrolled and undergoing training.

Within Equestrian Australia there is an in-depth coaching education process which enables future coaches to work through 4 levels in 5 areas.

The 5 areas are:

  • General

  • Dressage

  • Show jumping

  • Eventing

  • Carriage Driving

  • The 4 levels to work through are:

  • Introductory

  • Level 1

  • Level 2

  • Level 3

  • Each level has 3 components:

  • Horse Management

  • Riding

  • Coaching

  • The Horse Management and Riding components are pre-requisites before starting the Coaching component at each level.

    Within each component are 3 parts for assessment:

  • Theory

  • Oral

  • Practical

  • Before commencing Coaching, candidates must have completed their Working with Children check, completed their Level 2 First Aid, and completed an ASADA (Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority) and WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) online exam.

    On a yearly basis when registrations are due it is compulsory that each coach produces evidence of self-education which is based on a points system and to have also taken part in bi-yearly EA Coaching update. These updates are for any new information necessary for Equine coaches to know including insurance updates, Equestrian Australia, or Equestrian Victoria rule changes.

    Leanne Williams has travelled the full coaching education path created by Equestrian Australia, including successful completion of Level 3 in 2005. She knows how difficult the Coaching pathway can be; for this reason, she created an easy no fuss way of getting each level of qualifications completed in a 2-year period.

    During the first 6 months, participants will complete the Horse Management module, after which they will move on to the Riding module during the second 6 months.

    After successful completion of the Horse Management and Riding modules, participants are eligible to begin the Coaching module.

    During the Coaching module the first 6 months is Train to Teach, which involves working through the theory components and further developing teaching skills.

    The second 6 months consist of assessments. Participants are required to complete a variety of Coach observations, risk management assessments, lesson plans, yearly calendar planning and giving lessons.

    Once the 3 components of the Equestrian Australia Introductory Qualifications have been completed, coaches are eligible to start working towards their Level 1. We truly believe that to continue with the education process is a wonderful asset, both to one’s own personal development and the continued development of your teaching skills.

    We are all only as good as the information that we can deliver.

    At Level 1, participants have the option of pursuing the General Riding and Coaching path or the Dressage Riding and Coaching path. The difference being that General Coaching involves Show Jumping and Cross Country.

    By taking part in our courses, we take on the responsibility of organising everything for you. The riders, the facility, and the times; you will want for nothing. We just ask that you are available to ride for the other participants both in the Train to Teach sessions and the assessments.

    EA Introductory Courses: