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What can you expect from a reading?

Happy Animals, Happy Owners !

“Animals are the most honest beings, without an agenda. In the thousands of readings completed in all 8 years, I never question the information given, I simply just write it down.You do not need to provide any questions as the animal will always have the answers! This will never cease to amaze me & the world that they continue to share is most humbling indeed.”

– Emma Crawford, Silent Voices


Ever wonder what your horse, pony or donkey thinks?

Does your horse have training issues or floating anxiety? 

Do they have confidence issues?

 Are they in discomfort? 

Any bridle, saddle discomfort or pressures?Pain or lameness?

Horses are always quick to give their answers !

Emma Crawford

Animal Communicator

Thursday 9th & Friday 10th June 2022 AEST

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd December 2022 AEST

Emma Crawford is an animal communicator with a reputation for accurate and honest readings. In 2020 we heard first hand experiences from friends of Avoca Park, who were left amazed after meeting Emma and witnessing her gifts- so we wanted to find out more!

Based in South Australia, Emma has built ‘Silent Voices’, a business ran and operated but herself to help Owners communicate with their beloved pets. She has been successfully delivering clinics and readings interstate for the last 8 years.

At a young age Emma always had an affinity with animals, especially horses. In 2013 Emma was directed on how to tap into her natural gift and since then she has assisted thousands of people understand what their pets want to communicate (and helped their pets be heard!)

When Emma does a live reading she normally doesn’t need your questions to address your issues- your animal will normally have the same issues that they want or need communicate. Emma normally sits or stands by the animal’s side and takes notes as their thoughts communicate through.

Emma will privately tell you everything the animal says. Emma is available to provide readings to your horses, dogs and cats. Horses can be in a yard or ridden at the time of their reading (if the owner prefers).

Finally we are excited to announce Emma’s 2022 dates:

Thursday 9th & Friday 10th June 2022 AEST

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd December 2022 AEST

Cost for Reading: $220

Due to the costs involved with Interstate travel, refunds are not available for these Clinics. However, as she normally has a waiting list wherever she goes- it is possible that another client may replace your consult time.  In this instance your payment will then be returned to you minus a 25% admin fee. If this is not an option,  a remote/photo reading can be organised at your convenience……as Emma continues to do her best to meet the individual needs of our clients and their animals.


Emma can help with training or obedience issues.

Let you know what annoys or upsets them.

She can let you know of aches or pains felt that affects behaviour.

Emma can find out why your dog may have anxiety or aggression.


Emma can help ou with behaviour issues. 

Explain their pain or discomfort, their likes/dislikes, or causes for anxiety.

Hear their world through your ‘feline’ eyes. 

Do they cope alone?

 Are you moving, relocating and concerned regarding getting lost?