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Equestrian Australia NCAS Introductory Riding Course

Equestrian Australia, National Coaching Accreditation Scheme Introductory Riding Course .....

This course is a pre-requisite for all potential EA coaches as well as being of huge benefit to ANY person wanting to develop their equine riding knowledge.

This course delivers the knowledge necessary for all potential coaches to be able to ride the movements necessary for the Coaching component of the Introductory Coaching qualification plus all the theory necessary to teach these movements.

We have a saying… “You don’t know what you don’t know, ‘til you realise you don’t know it!!”

All of our students leave this course with a vast amount of learned information.

Our course runs 1 Sunday each month for 6 months, with the final month being the assessment.

The dates for the 2022 year are:

14th August

11th September

16th October

13th November

4th December

8th January (Riding Assessment)


Upfront Fee: Total $1390 (including EA manual)

Riders would bring their own horse or there is a horse hire fee per session.

Horse Hire Fee:

It is $100 for half day (July-October) and $150 for full day (November and December). Riders will need to have an assessment lesson prior to course commencing to ensure the horse is appropriate for their skills).


Payment Plan: $1599  

(Total $1390 + 15%- Must be paid in full within first 4 months of course)

To Join us in this amazing course please click on the button below to fill out a booking form to confirm your spot in the course.

What are the benefits of EA (Equestrian Australia) qualified instructors?

The interesting thing about horse riding education/instruction in Australia is that there is no compulsory governing body for qualifications.

Instructors DO NOT need a qualification to teach.

Instructors DO NOT need insurance to teach.

There is no compulsory, safety guidelines to follow.


What we do have available is our performance governing body, Equestrian Australia.

Within this organisation (EA) there is an in-depth coaching education process which enables future coaches to work through 4 levels in 5 areas…

 General  Dressage  Show jumping  Eventing  Carriage Driving

The 4 levels to work through are Introductory – Level 1 – Level 2 and Level 3.

Each Level has 3 components –

 Horse Management  Riding  Coaching

The Horse Management and Riding needing to be passed prior to the commencement of the Coaching at each level.

Within each component there are 3 parts for assessment –

 Theory  Practical  Oral

Before commencing the Coaching components, candidates must have completed their Working with Children check, completed their Level 2 First Aid and completed a ASADA (Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority) and WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) online exam.

On a yearly basis when registrations are due it is compulsory that each coach produces evidence of self-education which is based on a points system and to have also taken part in bi-yearly EA Coaching update. These updates are for any new information necessary for Equine coaches to know including insurance updates, Equestrian Australia or Equestrian Victoria rule changes.

Overall, it is a very in-depth education process that produces Coaches/Teachers of the highest standard.

At Avoca Park we feel it is particularly important for us to only use EA qualified coaches for our teaching. The SAFETY and WELL-BEING of our non-horse owner and horse owner students is paramount to us.

We also encourage all our Team members starting at Junior level to take part in our courses, this enables us to have the whole Team on the same page regarding any information given for horse or rider.

For us here at Avoca Park enjoyment is in the education and the way it is delivered.

And for you, our clients, the safety of you and your families whilst taking part in one of, what we all feel here, one of the most wonderful hobbies there is.

“Working with Horses”

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