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7 Day Equine Holiday

Macclesfield, Victoria, Australia

Avoca Park hosts one of Australia’s most experienced coaches and riders, we take pride in our beautiful property, designed with the idea “to want for nothing” in mind. We offer you a covered arena for your lessons, gardens to walk and relax in, animals to entertain you and best of all, amazing and experienced school horses to learn on.

This 7 day holiday includes your evening of arrival and your morning of checkout. The 5 days in between will indulge you with dressage training from Leanne Williams who has dedicated her life to understanding horses and developing a respectful way of training them with kindness and lightness. Instead of forcing the horse into conforming into the ideal position, she will teach you the correct tools on how to school your horse with technique and kindness to achieve a trusting bond and beautiful movements. Her previous competition experience as a Grand Prix rider enables her to deliver her lessons from a position of wealth and knowledge, this combined with her Classical learnings is priceless.

This holiday package also includes learning Australian horsemanship, partaking in some liberty sessions with Australian horseman, Jason McInnes. We will introduce you to the wonder of connection with your equine partner. The skills you use during these lessons will guide you in your approach to horses for the rest of your life, forming bonds using trust exercises with your horse.

Each full day during your stay will include a visit to one of our amazing local attractions, carefully thought out and delicious meals and riding lessons. We hope to wow you with our beautiful area and wonderful horses. This is the holiday you need for a truly indulgent and educational equine retreat.


Day 1: Sunday (Afternoon Arrival)

Settle in and have a wander around the property, this is an opportunity to meet all horses, dogs, cats, cocky, and, of course, Avoca Park’s beloved donkey. There will be a fully catered Australian welcome barbecue dinner.

Day 2: Monday

A little sleep-in will be allowed on your first morning, you can follow this with your first working introduction to the horses. You will then be taken on an outing to a beautiful, local sparkling wine winery for some wine tasting and lunch. Come back in the afternoon for your first private lesson with Leanne where you will get to discuss your goals for the week. Following your lessons, there will be a happy hour and you can have your prepared dinner.

Day 3: Tuesday

Tuesday morning will have you arising and preparing for your second lesson in In-hand work, this will be a group session, this way, the conversations will run a little deeper. Avoca Park will then take you off to the local native sanctuary for the afternoon with one of their homemade picnic lunches.

Upon returning to Avoca Park, your horses will be saddled for you and be ready for your private lesson with Leanne, this is followed up with a lovely local glass of wine with matching cheese and crackers. Dinner will be prepared for you by the in-house chef

Day 4: Wednesday

Wednesday morning will have you up and at it early enough to take over your already prepared horses for your semi or group-ridden lesson. There will be an outing for lunch at a beautiful local restaurant, Elevation, followed by a rejuvenation session of your choice at the local Day Spa, Skin Renaissance.

Alternatively, you may choose to have an outing to the local chocolaterie for lunch, where you can experience anything and everything CHOCOLATE! Full of food and relaxation, you will come home for your private riding lesson to continue to develop your riding skills. 6 p.m. will bring on happy hour followed by another wonderfully prepared dinner.

Day 5: Thursday

Thursday morning will have you out and about for your group/semi lesson. Then the activity of the day is a trip on Puffing Billy from Belgrave to Emerald Lake. Picnic lunch at Emerald Lake will be supplied and you can ride the paddle boats if you so desired. Once you return home from your fun afternoon, you will have your first private lesson with Jason, this will be a Liberty session where you will discover the beauty of connection. Wine and snacks will be waiting for you when you finish this amazing experience.

Day 6: Friday

Friday morning you will have again have a lesson with Jason, this time, using those newly learned connection skills and putting them into the ridden work. The outing this day will be to one of the local national parks where you can have a walk up the 1000 steps where there is a chance of meeting an Australian Lyre Bird. Alternatively, you can have a quiet look around the park while Avoca Park prepares your picnic lunch.

Your final afternoon’s private lesson will be with Leanne where you will consolidate all the information you have received of the days you have been with Avoca Park. For your final dinner, Avoca Park will take you to a local winery called Wild Cattle Creek, where you can sit on the deck amongst the grapevines and watch the sunset with a cocktail, this will be followed by a wonderful dinner to remember in the main restaurant.

Day 7: Saturday

Saturday can be a sleep-in followed by your last breakfast with Avoca Park, then, it will be time to pack up and they will wave you goodbye to take on the next part of your journey.

2 Night (2 Day) Stay

Our ‘Weekend Getaway’ which is a 2 night escape into the Yarra Ranges to enjoy our lovely location and the wonderful services we provide. Despite its name, this option is available any time of the week.

5 Day (4 Night) Stay

Our 5-day dressage holiday, Our 5 day dressage holiday involves, 3 days of dressage lessons and indulging in our fine meals and local treats. Monday and Friday are days to relax, unwind and take in the wonderful surroundings.

7 Day (6 Night) Stay

Race Horses

Our 7-day equine holidays, Arrive Sunday afternoon and experience 5 days of dressage lessons, luxury meals and local experiences, on your last day you can enjoy a lazy start, enjoying your Saturday morning sleep in before saying our goodbyes.

Proudly Supporting Local Businesses

Massage in the Valley & Ranges

Wild Cattle Creek Winery

Race Horses

Elevation Restaurant in Emerald

Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

Domaine Chandon, Yarra Valley

Race Horses

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